Pittsburgh Plasma Cutting Systems, Compressed Air Filters and Automated Plasma Cutting
Pittsburgh Plasma Cutting Systems, Compressed Air Filters and Automated Plasma Cutting
Pittsburgh Plasma Cutting Systems, Compressed Air Filters and Automated Plasma Cutting

100% moisture free compressed air. The Specialist in air filters for plasma cutting systems.

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About Us

Dry Air Systems has been supplying filters to the plasma cutting market through welding distributors since 1990. The owner and founder, Ken Schwerin, has been in the welding industries starting in 1978 as a welding equipment repair specialist with Cunningham Equipment in Philadelphia. His career didn't end there, working as District Manager for Thermal Dynamics (New York Market) in the late eighties he was part of the greatest development in the industry and history of plasma: the first plasma to use compressed air to develop the arc. This landmark innovation has forever changed the face of the industry.

He then moved on to L-Tec, where he sold the Linde line of plasma cutting equipment. In the early nineties, after L- Tec was purchased by ESAB, he had the opportunity to work for Hypertherm. With such a storied career, Ken Schwerin has earned the distinction of being the only performer to have worked for three of the largest plasma cutting manufacturers.

The Hypertherm experience broadened his mechanized cutting experience, advancing his knowledge of inverter developments in handheld cutting units.

It was during this period that Ken started to look at the filters that he had been recommending for use with the plasma systems. The size of most air filters was large, and with the advent of inverter power sources, the idea of portability was becoming important. Working with an Engineer, Ken had an aluminum filter made to his specifications. Though an effective solution, it proved costly to manufacture on any large scale.

But Ken persisted.

A Revolution in Air Filtration Technology

Ken's next product was made of ABS. It was easier and more affordable than aluminum to manufacture, but it was not worker-proof. This wouldn't do, as Ken wanted no possibility for injury.

He went back to the drawing board.

Working with an injection molding company helped to streamline product manufacture while ensuring consistent quality. The result was a revolutionary new air filter and the first of the 9200 series. A small, nylon glass-reinforced filter, it was designed especially for the rough-and-tumble industrial market. And it was precisely what the market demanded.

Through those years of perseverance and continual development, Dry Air Systems was born. From our humble origins, we've expanded our operations and developed a complete range of air filters for the modern welding industry. Today, we sell to welding distributors and several OEM manufacturers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to supplying high-quality products with fast delivery times. Transparency, integrity, and honesty are the core values of our business model.

Our experience

We have experience with a variety of cutting systems, including the following:

  • Miller Electric*
  • Hypertherm*
  • Thermal Dynamics*
  • Razor
  • ESAB

Others (If they cut, we protect. Give us a call)

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions about our Filters, please give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!